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Thank you, Anon, for your wonderful advice. However, that’s a bit like saying, “Harry Potter is over, so move on. Doctor Who ended in ‘89, so move on. The Avengers were comic books written in the 60’s, so move the fuck on. Sherlock Holmes is a book series that’s so old that the author died more than eighty years ago, so move on before I physically shove you out the door. Come on now.”

Just because an excellent form of entertainment has grown past certain characters or ended altogether doesn’t mean that I have to move on. I get that Rose is gone and Nine and Ten regenerated - but that doesn’t mean that once their run ended and another began that I have to delete their existence from my mind entirely. That would be rather obtuse of you to expect something like that from people. 

Furthermore, if we didn’t look back on things that were now finished, we wouldn’t have great things like the LotR movies, new series of Sherlock or even NewWho, because, guess what? The originals ended. And though apparently you have deleted it from your memory (which is a tad Sherlock of you! What a coincidence), other people haven’t. 

Humans, in general, are sentimental: we keep our old pictures because we like looking back on the past; we keep that old teddy bear from our childhood, because it meant so much to us when we were kids; we keep old ticket stubs or playbills or books that we’ll never read again, because at some point in our lives, these things came to mean something to us and we don’t want to just throw them away. 

Doctor/Rose means a lot to me. I love their run, their character development, their storylines. Just because Nine and Ten are gone doesn’t mean you have to ignore their storylines; in fact, if you do, then you’re doing it wrong, because Eleven’s development is shaped by theirs. They’re the same man, always, Anon, and ignoring that character maturity because you only want to concentrate on Eleven is ridiculous. I started out with Eleven (true story) - he was my first Doctor. But after I finished Series 5, I went back and watched 1-4 and guess what? I love the show so much more for it now, because I understand the Doctor so much more. The growth as Nine becomes Ten and Ten becomes Eleven is gorgeous, and Rose was a huge part of Nine and Ten’s lives, so to ignore her completely is like leaving out a vital ingredient of a recipe. You can still make cake without flour or eggs or butter, but I bet it won’t turn out right.

Do I honestly think Rose/Nine/Ten/TenToo will come back? No, of course not. But I don’t have to move on anywhere. I still blog about Eleven’s storyline, but I also blog about Nine and Ten’s. Nothing you say will ever make me not want to, because I love Doctor Who, all of it. And I refuse to let go of my favourite ships just because one Anon doesn’t approve. There is an unfollow button, my love. Feel free to use it.

First off, I’d like to apologize to all of my followers for my absence. It’s been a long, rough semester - but it’s my last!

This graphic has to do with an issue that’s been bothering me, particularly when trying to succinctly explain my “favorite” Doctor. My first was 9, so he’ll always hold a special place in my heart. For the longest time I was deeply attached to 10, but all good things must come to an end and then there was 11. It took awhile, but 11’s petulant child grew on me. Now, I just love all three. But there is still a raging debate out there over which Doctor is “best”, and I’d like to remind those involved…

David Tennant, 2003

  • Interviewer:

    If you hadn't become an actor, what would you have done professionally?

  • David:

    I was always going to act, literally ever since I was tiny. In fact, I have Doctor Who to thank for that. I wanted to become an actor after being obsessed with Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor Who, in the 1970s. His was the definitive performance of all time in anything.

  • Interviewer:

    What were your favourite stories as a child?

  • David:

    The books I read as a child were all Doctor Who books! There were hundreds of episodes, which were all novelised, and that's all I ever wanted to read.

  • Interviewer:

    Favourite website?

  • David:

    Oh, it's a real anorak admission. I've been an obsessive Doctor Who fan since I was a child and it persists to this very day. The BBC run a Doctor Who website and I go on almost every day to check the latest news. Doctor Who is the finest piece of television that has ever been made anywhere. They're putting together a new TV series next year and Bill Nighy is supposed to play the doctor. I've been onto my agent to see if I can get a part, but she's not keen. She says I'll never work again if I do it. I'm proud to say, though, that I have already performed in a couple of audiobook episodes. That was heaven.

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